Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Welcome to Crossborder Tornedalen


WWW.CROSSBORDERTORNEDALEN.NET is a universal homepage for Eures Crossborder Tornedalen and employment authorities in the North Calotte area. The North Calotte area included on these pages encompasses the northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. On these pages you will find basic information about working in the area and contact information for the necessary authorities. The objective of these pages is to improve the freedom of movement of the workforce in the North Calotte area..


In the border areas with high levels of cross border commuting the EURES Cross Border partnerships aim to contribute to a better functioning of the common labour market area.

EURES Advisers in these areas provide specific advice and guidance on the rights and obligations of workers living in one country and working in another.

Alltogether there are 21 Cross Border partnerships in Europe. In Finland the Cross Border Tornedalen was established in the year 2000 and works at the border of Finland and Sweden in Haparanda.



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